We know you’ll love the 3D Ultimate treatment from 3D Lipo as much as we do. Using advance non-invasive medical aesthetics technology this nifty machine provides powerful results. The best news? You’ll start to see changes in your body after every treatment.

3D Ultimate is a multi-approach device which provides exactly that. The ultimate non-surgical face and body solution. By using ingenuitive technology, the 3D Ultimate has a variety of treatments available. You can utilise radio frequency, cyclone cavitation, cryolipolysis, shockwave therapy, and body HIFU to target body fat, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and increase skin elasticity on both your face and body.

The results? Smoother, healthier, fresher, and younger-looking skin. Not to mention leaving you looking and feeling slender. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.


Fat Removal

Despite diet and exercise, some clients find they have a stubborn pocket of fat that they just can’t get rid of. That’s where 3D Ultimate comes in. By applying controlled heat and sub-zero temperatures to your pesky, hard to shift fat cells, they will eventually break down and naturally die off. Shockwave therapy also stimulates the fat cells to break down. HIFU, cryolipolysis, and shockwave therapy are completely non-invasive, pain-free alternatives to liposuction.

Skin Tightening

When it comes to skin tightening, our 3D Ultimate machine uses a slightly different technique. By using radio frequency, the layers on your skin are warmed up from the energy of the waves. In turn, these stimulate the generation of collagen as well as elastin; the two properties that lead to the tightening of your skin. Most clients find the typical problem areas are on their stomach, upper arms, neck, and inner thighs.

Cellulite Reduction

Through the cavitation technique, our 3D Ultimate machine will help you combat cellulite. Targetting localised fat cells gathered underneath your skin tissue, you can start to reduce the bumpy effect of cellulite. By encouraging these to break up, the fat cells are released via your lymphatic system. As well as destroying the fat cells, this technique will also tighten up the affected area. This decreases the lumpy surface and minimises your cellulite.

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